Építőipari segédmunkás angol nyelvű önéletrajz minta



Mr. Balazs Takacs

Address: 25. Merdon Road, Newcastle
Mobile: +44 012 34 567
Mail: balazs.takacslabourer@mail.hu


Looking for a general labourer position in ABC Construction Company which will allow me to use my physical skills, attention to detail and experience acquired in the construction field.

Key Skills

  • Over 3 years of experience as a general labourer in construction field
  • Physically fit, hard working, follows instructions rapidly and professionally
  • Gains knowledge quickly, follows safely instructions
  • Able to work with dissimilar crews and can get together with people well


2009 -2012   ABC Foldmunka Ltd, Veszprem, Hungary  

  • Level earth by means of rakes and shovels
  • Remove debris and trash at construction sites
  • Load and unload building materials and move materials from working areas
  • Mix, pour and extend materials for example concrete and asphalt
  • Helped skilled employers including carpenters and welders.


2004 – 2009 Technical Secondary School, Budapest