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DHL Supply Chain Mo. Kft. állások, munkák és karrier

DHL Supply Chain Magyarország Kft.
17 db találat Szűrés
DHL Supply Chain Magyarország Kft.
  • To provide direction, management and development for the operative staff (customer service clerks and coordinators working in 24/7) To ensure the team excels in customer service through swift and precise order processing, comprehensive follow-up, and effective communication Attai...
    tegnap 12:45
  • Helping the DHL Fulfillment Network operations teams by: Providing knowledge around carriers, product and customer service processes Consulting customer service with questions around customer inquiries Solving complex requests occu...
    febr. 19.
  • Ensure fast and precise operational processes, exception handling and control; provide accurate data and information towards the client and the relevant stakeholders to achieve the highest level of transparency and customer satisfaction. Key Responsibilities: Professionally ans...
    febr. 15.
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