- Sigma sponsors 5th Gran Prize Award Ceremony in Budapest

On May 30, 2017, the Award Ceremony of Gran Prize, organized by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hungary and supported by Ericsson and Sigma Technology, was held in Budapest.


- Norbert Orgován—One Of 50 Talented Young Hungarians

The 50 Talented Young Hungarians Program was launched in Hungary 3 years ago. The vision of the program is to find and support young talents who have the potential to actively shape our future as prominent figures in the Hungarian private and public sector, in sports and scientific life.


- Sigma Technology visits over 1,000 students In South Africa

Sigma Technology actively supports the Star for Life program, which is aimed to help youth in Southern Africa fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS, get higher self-esteem, and get access to better education. 


- Women in technology: interview with Anikó Simon, Information Engineer

Anikó Simon, information engineer at Sigma Technology Hungary, always liked mathematics during her high school years and was always interested in computers. 


- Sigma enhances its status of one of the best employers in Sweden

Sigma and Sigma Technology ensure the reputation of a good place to work at according to Universum’s report on the Most Attractive Employers 2017 in Sweden.


- Celebrating women in technology

It is International Women’s Day, and we celebrate it today sharing the stories from some of our female engineers.


Company information

Sigma Technology is part of Sigma, and is a global supplier of engineering solutions, including software development, product information, and embedded solutions.

We are experts with a passion for technology and information, and take pride in delivering quality and constantly improving our deliveries.

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