Anyaggazdálkodás, Beszerzés állás, munka

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  • EMEAR Indirect Sourcing Leader

    Budapest, 1062 Teréz körút 55-57.
    Develop, implement, and establish policies, strategies, and goals for the company’s indirect sourcing operations to optimize procedures, attain maximum proficiency, and decrease indirect sourcing costs to maximize revenues Develop and implement indirect sourcing processes that...
  • Procurement / logistics manager

    2040 Budaörs, Malomkő utca
    Managing the daily logistics operation of the company 3PL transportation and services sourcing, negotiation, contracting and supplier management Setting up KPI’s and monitoring results (transportation and logistics cost) Setting up new...
  • Purchaser Strategic Procurement – Technical Parts

    1097 Budapest, Táblás u. 39.
    Execution of Purchasing Strategy Identification of cost saving opportunities To ensure the most favourable purchasing conditions To achieve cost savings with applying purchasing methods, tactics and tools Benchmarking (tracking of market trends & changes, issue and evaluation...
  • Service Procurement Specialist

    Managing the procurement of various third party services (managed leased lines, dark fiber, IP transit) Maintaining databases related to the procurement activities Handling incoming supplier invoices related to the purchased services Maintaining Türk Telekom International’s...
  • Material planner (disponent)

    Ensuring the raw materials necessary for production from the assigned suppliers Managing the stocks of raw materials, maintain them at the requested level, according to the budget Contact person for the supplier and plants Generate orders Material requirement planning Order...
  • Alapanyag beszerző

    Eger, 3300 Bánki Donát utca 3.
    Hozzárendelt anyagok SAP-ban történő megrendelése, továbbítása beszállító felé Naprakész rendelési helyzet követése, beszállítóval történő kapcsolattartás Rendelési dokumentáció naprakészségének biztosítása Rendszeres kommunikációs kapcsolat a...