HR Partner Consulting is looking for an experienced colleague for our customer in the following position:

Horticultural assistant


  • Support 6,3 hectare greenhouse growing activity
  • Learn and support climate control in Priva system
  • Support biological plant protection
  • Support plant analytical measurements
  • Technical operation system support

Key performance indicators:

  • Plant health status
  • Production: Kg/m2
  • Forecasting accuracy %
  • Quality complaints number
  • Plant protection cleannes (bio/chemicals)
  • R&D projects execution support

Place of work:



  • Horticultural / Plant Protection Engineer diploma (preferred studies in Holland)
  • Some plant growing experience
  • Solid IT skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Solid English language skill is a must


  • Technical (electrical and or mechanical) knowledge
  • Holland horticultural experience
  • Wageningen University studies

    The ideal candidate is having minimum 2-3 years greenhouse experience, desired tomato grower. Lighted crop experience is an advantage; dealing with tomato specialities is a desired experience. The candidate needs to be open for new culture and willing to relocate to Hungary. The position can develop to more research and development role. MSC diploma from the field is a must.

How to apply:

Please send your CV in English and in Hungarian.