Depot Project Specialist [VSM-011119]

    The Depot Project Specialist is responsible for implementing the local depot strategy that supports the overall objectives and priorities for the company group. This will include ensuring that the depot equipment is monitored and working capacity is maintained across refrigeration and freezing equipment and arrangements are made to calibrate/service when required selecting appropriate suppliers and managing those suppliers where needed.

    The Depot Project Specialist establishes industry leading standards of customer care and satisfaction and supports workplace health and safety standards and effectively advocating the company values through all their activity.


  • Uploading information on incoming goods into WIMS; confirmation of receipt of goods in the system (IVRS / IWRS, client); registration and control of storage of all related documentation.
  • Immediate reporting to the management and the client regarding damages of the arrived shipments, acting in accordance with the instructions of the client and the internal SOPs and WIs.
  • First/Second physical check of the shipment contents, placing in storage in accordance with the instructions of the client and internal SOPs/ WIs.
  • Uploading information on transit shipments for assigned projects into WIMS.
  • Timely processing of orders for shipments for a designated project: uploading information into WIMS, preparing proper set of documents for the shipment in accordance with internal SOPs/WIs and instructions of the client.
  • Providing full information about shipments to the transportation coordinator for the purpose of coordinating the delivery/pick-up dates with the clinical site.
  • First/Second physical check of materials for clinical trials according to the prepared set of documents and the client's request for shipment, guided by the rules of internal SOPs/WIs and client's instructions.
  • Proper informing the customer and the recipient of the shipment about the delay in the delivery of clinical research materials.
  • Proper use of packaging materials (insulation shippers and dataloggers) for shipments in accordance with the instructions of manufacturers, the client and internal SOPs/WIs.
  • Arranging returns of materials from clinical sites, providing instructions to responsible persons at sites, coordinating instructions on returns with the client.
  • Checking returned materials in stock. Accounting of returned materials. Filling in the required supporting documentation and entering data into WIMS. Performing physical check of returned materials.
  • Providing full information to the management about the readiness of materials for destruction.
  • Transfer of materials to (or from) the quarantine zone in accordance with the instructions given by the client and the internal SOPs/WIs.
  • Accounting auxiliary materials, timely notification of responsible persons about the need to resupply stock (packaging, auxiliary materials for dispatch, etc.).
  • Proper storage of IMPs, CTS, packaging materials and dataloggers for assigned projects.
  • Ordering and proper use of dry ice if required.
  • Performing annual inventory check of the clinical trial materials of the assigned projects in accordance with the instructions given by the client and the internal SOPs/WIs.
  • Providing the client with regular and on-demand inventory and other type of reports.
  • Following on expiration date of stored materials and informing clients accordingly.
  • Processing current customer requests related to storage, distribution and destruction of materials (excluding pricing).
  • Updating WIMS inventory information for the new and on-going projects (name of the material, list of clinical sites, accompanying documentation, checklists etc.).
  • Drafting and updating of checklists for inbound, outbound and returned shipments, according to Clients instructions.
  • Providing full information to the document flow specialist to create an archive of documents upon completion of the project. Control of carrying out of the specified procedure.
  • Formation and proper maintenance of the contents of the project documentation.
  • Control of the location of folders with project documentation at the archive storage.
  • Compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards when working with materials for clinical studies.
  • Adherence to the principles of the "cold chain".
  • Self-study (where necessary) of the department's processes in accordance with internal procedures and instructions, as well as client's instructions.
  • Take part in the preparation of materials for destruction (including placement of drugs in the quarantine storage area, providing the final inventory report to the client) and prepare documents needed for the procedure of destruction of the drug at the request of the client (sponsor) and in accordance with the internal SOPs and WIs.
  • Keep the client informed about the status of materials approved for destruction.
  • Takes part in agreeing on customer's instructions. Control the availability of all necessary documentation to start the new project. Self-study of project instructions.
  • Take part in the labeling process according to the instructions given by the client, and the internal SOPs/WIs; prepares documentation for the labeling;
  • Perform other responsibilities related to the receipt, storage and distribution of materials for assigned clinical trials.


  • Business, sales or other related degree,
  • relevant, demonstratable experience in a similar role,
  • experience of selecting and managing appropriate suppliers,
  • good knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Word applications,
  • strong numeracy skills,
  • awareness and appreciation of warehouse and equipment health and safety,
  • has self–awareness and cares about the impact they may have on others,
  • excellent negotiation skills,
  • good commercial acumen,
  • good communication skills,
  • deally multi-lingual,
  • engage and builds credibility with internally influential individuals,
  • approachable and able to effectively build honest relationships with a diverse range of people, handling employee matters with the utmost care.


  • Knowledge and experience of warehousing medical products and devices in the pharmaceutical industry ,
  • a good level understanding of the pharmaceutical industry overall.


  • Business Supporting Centres
  • Project Management
  • Finance, Accounting
  • Project Management
  • Transportation, Procurement, Logistics
  • Project Management
  • Full time

Experience required:

  • 1-3 years professional experience

Required language level:

  • English - intermediate / communication

Job location:


How to apply/ contact information:

You can apply with the „jelentkezem” button underneath.